I’m Eric

meI’m a freelance full stack developer. I’m a husband, a father, a brother and a friend.

Being in the web development industry, I have often struggled to find the time to create my own site because have always been busy programming developing sites for my clients. Well, I’ve decided to turn a new leaf and dedicate some time to just that…And so, this is my personal site where I get to write and post about things that interest me. These range from technology to RPGs (old school pen and paper role playing games) to musings about life and to my passions: My family and my chosen martial art, Aikido.

While I’m not a professional writer, I would like to write more and like practicing in martial arts, the more I practice writing the more my writing should improve. At least, that is the expectation, right?

The content of the site will slowly get fleshed as time permits.