Worlds of the Cypher System

Numenara: Into the Ninth World

Kickstarter: Naked Filter

Kickstarter: CogniToys – Internet-connected Smart Toys that Learn and Grow

Now here is a cool toy that I wish I had when I was a kid (let’s face it, all guy’s are really big kids). Anyway, this is a cool toy that is slated for shipping in November 2015. It is an educational toy that is speech-enabled, internet-connected and personalized to your child. Check it out below:

Indiegogo: LithiumCard PRO

With all of our mobile devices being used constantly on the go it is no wonder having a battery backup is fast becoming a need. On Indiegogo, the folks over at LinearFlux have a crowdfunding campaign that is just starting for their LithiumCard PRO. The original LithiumCard was released in August of last year and the PRO is the next generation, “HyperCharging Evolved”. Check out the Indiegogo campaign below: