Online Garage Sale

We’ve all used sites like eBay and Kijiji to sell stuff we no longer want or need. Sometimes we experience success but to be honest, most of the time the things we have we can’t even give away.

I’m going to try something slightly different. Set up my own online shop of my stuff that I’d like to sell, a garage sale of sorts. The items will mainly be electronics and computer equipment, most of which are in impeccable condition (tech is a passion and I take care of my stuff). It’s an experiment, but an experiment that I’ll be able to run pretty much for as long as I like without fear of my listings suddenly getting lost or expiring.

I’ll be making use of the WordPress WooCommerce plug-in to run the shop and have different options for shipping and payment that you would expect to see implemented on web storefronts. Hell, you never know what will become of it in the long run, right? So it doesn’t hurt to try.

Stay tuned for updates as I’m hoping to have some initial stuff up soon.