Expand the Cypher System with new worlds to explore

On February 29, 2016, Monte Cook Games (MCG) launched a new Kickstarter campaign to expand their critically-acclaimed, highly successful Cypher System role-playing game.

4da7e415febee293f17bf1ea6c40ce8f_originalRunning a great Kickstarter campaign is not easy but after the successful Numenara, The Strange, and No Thank-You, Evil Kickstarter campaigns, the team at MCG have got the formula down to a science. What makes their crowdfunding efforts exciting is the value they bring to the table for backers. You may think you’re just pledging for some books and matching PDF copies but over the course of the campaign you end up with much more…all for your original pledge amount.

As of this writing, Kickstarter backers get exclusive posters and depending on your pledge level, additional hardcover books like “Myth of the Maker”, a novel by Bruce R. Cordell that will be published as both an ebook and hardcover.

 6da22cefdc650684c210f416e5e68dd6_original Worlds of the Cypher System will introduce players to three brand new settings, each coming in its own 192 page hardcover book:

“Gods of the Fall” – An epic fantasy where players become aspire to become gods.

d11ff73006132441234d2d2a5f1fa488_original“Predation” – Time travel, bio-engineered dinosaurs and world-ending catastrophes that you know about because, hey, you’re from the future.


“Unmasked” – Superpowers and psychological horror. There is a world behind the veil that your mask reveals.


I am very excited to see this expansion to the Cypher System. I actually ended up backing it without even reading the description because I already knew that the value and quality would be top tier and there will be no shortage of stretch goals, that I am sure of.